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The splendor about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever and almost impossible to reproduce. Your infants delivery and growth is one of the most momentous and emotional lifetime experiences that should never go uncaptured. With this precious moment why wouldn’t you hire a professional new born photographer?

Naturally, most couples don’t even need to be asked if they should hire a photographer for their wedding. Logically, people will always want to remember each and every detail in their wedding day- the elegance of the décor, the rich sumptuous cuisines that were served and, of course, the first kiss as a married couple. In a recent survey, the average American spends between $2000 to $ 3000 on a wedding photography! Shocking figures right? Well, compared to the cost of new born photographer, there is a substantial difference!


Just like doctors can’t treat themselves when they are sick, even professional photographers hire photographers.  You wonder “Why should I? I own a good camera, why should I need a photographer for my new born?” Well, below are 5 reasons you should hire a professional photographer.

1.) You will be in the photos.

In most homes, there is usually that one designated photographer who takes almost all the snapshots. This means that he or she is conspicuously absent in most of the photos in the family album. In most cases, it’s usually the mother who plays this role. When the mother does appear in the photo, the images aren’t as enchanting because they have been taken by another family member who has either not practiced much photography or it’s the first time for them handling the camera.

2.) Stylish photographs

The advantage that comes with hiring a professional photographer is that the output is usually very captivating and stylish. Unlike the family snaps, professionals will always guide you during the session. This entails picking the ideal spot to complement your style and the best outfit to wear.

3.) Equipment quality

Although cameras come with different lenses and qualities, the ordinary consumer camera cannot match the one professional photographers use. Photographers have superior cutting edge cameras that most households don’t have.

4.) Equipment experience

One feature of most household photos is the blurry images or sometimes the dark images. Normally, when taking photos most people usually leave their cameras on auto mode and let their camera do all their work. This is one great feature, but things are bound to also go south if instructions are not followed well. That’s where the role of a professional photographer comes in. They know what filter to apply and what shutter speed and ISO to use to ensure the image is well exposed.

5.) Attention to detail

New born photographers are highly trained professionals that know how to handle the fragile bodies of babies without harming and endangering them. They know how create those adorable baby poses while keeping the baby comfortable. Furthermore, they will meticulously handle the baby’s subtle skin to ensure it glows naturally.

Achieving that perfect photo that you so desire can be a daunting task to the photographer. With this in mind, it is important to guide the photographer to achieve that specific shot. One way to ensure the photographer gets that specific shot is to properly invest in the shooting location. If the photo session is going to take place in the family living room, you can always make prior preparations by ensuring the furniture is in the right position, the attires have been selected and well ironed. Such little details weigh a lot in achieving that specific session you desire.

Similarly, you can always ask the photographer to come with a portfolio of his/her previous work. Doing so will make you have a much easier time selecting that specific session you want the photographer to achieve. In addition, you can always ask the photographer to take many photos during the session for you to choose the one that best suits you.

New born photographers are highly trained professionals that have studied the art and science of photography for quite a long time. We are well conversant with the numerous challenges that this photography comes with. Shooting in natural light is just one example among the many unique challenges that they usually encounter. For portraits most new born photographers prefer using natural light. Usually the choice of location is left to the parents. Most parents prefer tranquil scenic locations such as gardens, parks and even river banks!


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