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Category Archives: Hiring the right photographer


In the past, senior photography wasn’t a big deal and in fact, the whole process wasn’t so exciting. You simply had to go to the local studio and don a suit for the boys and for the girls, a dress for a photo session. However, now senior photography is a big deal, parents and their children have to take time and look for the best photographer and not just the local studio. They also have to look for the best background, the best clothes to wear and many other things to ensure that the senior portrait comes out perfectly and represents the now grown up child the right way.

Why Hire A Photographer ?

There are various reasons why you should hire a photographer to do the senior photography shoot. Outlined below are some of them.

· The Ideal Equipment

Most photographers will have modern photography equipment to produce the best photos ever. They will have professional lenses, various kinds of flashes, light modifiers, reflectors, power packs, tripods and many other gadgets to ensure that your photograph comes out perfectly. Most of them also have back up equipment just in case the equipment they are using malfunctions during the photo session. Most professionals will always plan for every unforeseen event which is why it will always be convenient for you to hire them.

· Their Experience

Often times when it comes to taking pictures, the camera might not do a good job of getting the perfect shot. Even the more advanced digital cameras can sometimes disappoint and not deliver the perfect shot especially if the light conditions are poor. With poor light surroundings, a photographer will automatically react to the situation and in the end still provide the best and most creative result. This is because they have had extensive experience in shooting in different conditions and know the best way to compensate for poor light conditions or any other inhibiting factors.

· Professional Service

Of course you need professional service for your senior photography session. You will need a photographer who knows what they are doing. A photographer will advise you on the best outdoor scenery to take your photo and the best attire for the photo shoot session in case you have no idea. Professionalism will play a huge role in delivering the best senior portrait in the end.

Things The Photographer Should Do To Achieve The Best Shot

There are various things that a photographer should do to ensure that they achieve the best shot. Some of them are as follows:-

· Know How To Effectively Use Light

This is very vital for any photographer who is worth their career. There is really no shortcut when it comes to understanding how the light works and using it to the advantage of the photo. For senior portraits, natural light is always the best even when shooting indoors. It definitely makes the image more artistic and a photographer who knows how to take advantage of natural light will of course deliver the best.

· Choose The Best Location

Photographers should represent their subject in the best location. For senior photography, both the outdoor and indoor scenery will work. When using any location, it is paramount that the photographer utilizes the structures around the location in order to provide the best structural support within the image. A location with good lighting and supporting backgrounds will ensure that the portrait best represents the subject.

· Great Communication

It is important that the photographer also consults with the subject and finds out exactly what they expect from their portrait. With this information they will be in a position to deliver to the client’s expectations. It is also important that they build up a rapport with the subject before beginning the shoot. Some good direction on how to pose and where to look will be welcome and contribute to a better portrait.

· Invest In The Best Equipment

As much as the skill of the photographer counts in producing the best shots, some good photography equipment will also determine the quality of photos. So good equipment will ensure that the senior portrait is high quality and achieves the desired effect.

Things To Do To Help The Photographer Achieve Good Photos

When you have a great working relationship with your photographer, you will achieve great shots for your senior portrait. Some things that you can do to help your photographer are as follows:

· Understand Their Photography Style

It is important to view the photographer’s portfolios in order to get a feel of the photography style that they are using. By looking at the photographer’s photos, you can be in a position to narrow in on the few that match what you want and then communicate this to the photographer.

· Work With The Photographer

Do what the photographer tells you because they know what it takes to achieve the perfect shot. Pose and look in the direction in which they tell you and you will be impressed by the end result.

· Let Them Know Your Expectations

Let the photographer know what you want to ensure an awesome looking senior portrait. Let them know what you expect from your portrait so that they can deliver.

Shooting In Natural Light

Shooting in natural light makes awesome senior portraits. It is important to keep the following in mind when using natural light for your portrait.

· Determine The Quality of Light

Consider the time of day when shooting in order to determine the quality of natural light. Shooting your portrait in the middle of the day might not be a great idea because it can get very difficult to work in the bright and direct sunlight. You will definitely risk overexposing your images which wouldn’t look good. Consider shooting your images a bit earlier in the day or later in the day, because you will have just the right amount of natural light to work with. Remember that harsh or hard light will create dramatic shadows and if that is not what you want in your senior portrait then by all means avoid such lighting conditions.

· Get The Positioning Right

Unlike the studio light set up where there is freedom to move and adjust the angle and height of the source of light to meet the photo requirements, shooting in natural light is a different ball game. It is therefore up to the photographer to make use of the available light as best as they can. Finding the ideal place for the subject to stand is very important. You can direct your subject to turn 360 degrees slowly to observe the lighting changes and best positioning to ensure you bring out the best image possible.

· Take Full Advantage of Light

Make the most of the natural light available. Using a reflector can be very useful for portrait sessions because it makes it easy to reflect some of the light that streams from the side onto the face of the subject. This will of course make their key features stand out without having to blind them or making them squint. On those bright sunny days, taking some backlit shots with the sun directly behind the subject and using the reflector will result to this warm glow around the subject. With natural light, you can still use shades and shadows within the portraiture work because they are the perfect way to add some contrast to the portrait image. Just ensure that the shade is evenly spread to avoid any dark blotches.

What to Wear For Your Senior Photography

Never ever get up on that morning that you are doing your senior portrait shooting and just grab the first piece of garment that you see. Take some time and plan what you will wear. Bring various clothes that will represent different looks.

For girls you can bring shorts, capris, a dress, skirt and skinny jeans with all their appropriate tops, accessories and shoes. For guys, they can have shorts, slacks, dockers and nice looking jeans, along with the appropriate shirts and shoes. You definitely don’t want all your senior pictures looking the same, so carrying different styles of outfits will do. Wear the colors that best compliment your skin, eyes and hair coloring. This will give more life to your portraits.

With the above guidelines your senior photography sessions should go smoothly with a stunning end result.

Why You Need a Professional Photographer

Pictures are a way of keeping memories intact for eternity. Capturing the correct moment and emotion is an art form and not everybody has the creative skills needed to achieve it. Creativity and having a passion for photography pulls beautiful pictures out of the camera lens. With the growth of the photography industry, new techniques and methods are constantly being used to make pictures more vibrant and lively. Professional photographers are creative and know these techniques to give you the best results possible.

Why you need a professional photographer:

Anyone can say they are a good photographer, but when it comes to taking beautiful pictures or capturing  important events in your life, it is preferred to hire a professional photographer. Professional photographers have the creativity and know the different techniques to capture those special moments. If pictures are taken by an average person, the camera and lenses can be expensive. Even with the right equipment and lenses your photos may not turn out due to incorrect lighting or lack of creativity. A professional can keep the balance while taking a shoot and it increases the chance of beautiful pictures. With a little amount of research you can get a good professional photographer who has affordable price packages, for their clients according to their needs.

Simple steps a photographer uses for getting a great shot:

To help the photographer obtain the right shot, a few arrangements can be done to really enhance the photo session. You know the detail of the event for which you have hired the photographer, so guiding him or her through the whole process will give them better session. Portrait photography needs very simple specifications. Let us just note a few of them.

  • Getting proper materials for the photo session
  • Choosing a perfect and creative theme for the event and the pictures
  • The photographer should have a proper back ground which will help him/her to get the best photo for the event
  • Usage of different settings and modes for getting the perfect shot
  • Checking each picture before clicking the next
  • Getting the photographs post processed which will enhance their quality

These steps will help the hired photographer to get the best expressions and emotions of the clients and also bring more life to your portrait photo ensuring an almost perfect photo session.

How natural lights and clothing influence a photograph:

Correct tone of lighting is very important to get the perfect mood or emotion captured on lens. Balanced lighting is very important for the photographer to capture great photographs. Sometimes many pictures get destroyed due to high range of lights or strong flashes. The high tech digital lenses are very sensitive and have powerful dimensions for creating the exact mood or tone of pictures. So if the light effect is very strong or bright it may reflect the lens destroying the whole film. Natural light always helps to get the perfect photo for everyone. A professional photographer will always choose for a natural background where the lights are very balanced and does not have any shadow formation making the picture dull or dark. Research shows that natural lights help make the photo session easier as the lens captures the light easily and the different colors can be added or removed while editing these photos before printing. This really helps in having the captured moment in a beautiful and vibrant manner without even using the higher tone of the lens, but keeping the softer mode to have high quality picture. If taken in an open area the flash should never be used because during day time the sun acts as the flash and the natural background gives a creative look, making beautiful pictures which can help in enhancing the full event captured through the lens.


Clothing for the photo session:

In a photo session with a professional photographer it is very essential to choose the correct clothing which will give the picture a correct mode of portrait photography. The color which bare vibrant like orange, yellow or pink has its own shade of brightness, so when taking pictures with these colors, the photographer should be able to balance the different shades. Also, if these colors are chosen to be worn, the tone of the background should be very natural and light, as these strong colors have its own effect on the lens. When the background is light it enhances the correct expressions of the photo. If the photo session is with people wearing natural colored clothing, then it is very easy to capture the image much easier because the natural light and the lens effects merge together making it become self balanced.  Theses colors will make the picture more lively and each tone and emotion will be captured at the right moment and time frame. This will make the photo more eye catching for the final print copy.

Following these few guiding steps, a professional photographer can bring a new dimension to your portrait photography, making the event more valuable. Capturing each photo using these quality tips of  picture making , backdrop, lighting, color, angle and the lens work together in rhythm, and merging all these together will result into a high version of perfection with creativity and enhancing the photo with an unique niche.