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Senior Portrait Session

Senior Sunday / Michelle’s Portrait Session

Senior Photography Senior Photography Senior Photography Senior Photography#seniorsunday

Michelle is smart and so level headed, I had to re-think my whole life after I was done shooting her session. I love being inspired while doing a portrait session, everyones creativity rubbing off on each other. Its like a breath of fresh air. I didn’t know I wanted to be a photographer till my early 20’s & I love meeting young people who are focused on making the best out of the life they were given. And that smile is contagious.


xx -Lana

Family Engagement Couples Session

Ellery & Walter / A lifestyle couple portrait session

_MG_2293 _MG_2289 _MG_2165

Ellery & Walter are a powerhouse couple. Both full of conviction and passion and they are madly in love. I wanted to create a minimalistic look with these too because they stand out on there own. I choose a concrete setting with lines and minimal colors. I said to them, “be in love” & it came so easily and was so natural for them. This was definitely one of my favorite couple portrait sessions. xo -Lana

Ashley and Kevin
Lifestyle couple session

Ashley & Kevin

_MG_1784 _MG_1697 _MG_1858 _MG_1872 copy

Ashley is a close friend of mine which made this lifestyle portrait session ea-ZY. When you already feel comfortable with the client you can see it in the photos the moment you start shooting. I love lifestyle because it allows the couple to be themselves. They mostly talked and drank coffee and I shot while also drinking coffee. (cuz, duh) They met while working together and it took a good long while for them to actually start dating but the process of watching Ashley giggle like a school girl was worth the wait. xo -Lana

Engagement Shoot – Why hire a professional photographer?

Why Should You Book an Engagement Photography Session with Lana?


An Engagement shoot is great for two reasons:

1. Memories
You and your fiance have had a one of a kind love story and an engagement shoot is the perfect way to capture that. An Engagement shoot allows you to be your everyday self with your soon to be husband or wife in front 2of the camera. I love when my clients pick a location that has sentimental value to them. The restaurant where he proposed, the steps where you had your first kiss or that awkward first date that turned into a life long commitment. Its great when you can look back and reminisce about the first butterflies with your loved one.
2. Trial Run
No matter who is shooting your wedding, you need to get comfortable with your finance. Some couples are camera shy or freeze up when they feel the camera facing them. An Engagement shoot allows you to practice those things and work out an kinks. It also allows you to get comfortable with a third wheel. Your photographer will be with you every step of the way on your wedding day and being able to experience that at your engagement shoot will calm your nerves and keep you from jumping out of your skin every time you are having a romantic moment with your spouse and you see a lens out of the corner of your eye.

Session Details:
When you book an Engagement shoot with LanaK photography a few things will happen. One, I will either sit down or email with you about the location, theme (if any) and just emotion you are going for. We will talk about what represents you as a couple and if you want to incorporate that into your photoshoot or if you are just looking for romantic photos. We’ll go over candid shots and I will talk you through how I shoot and how I get couples to feel relaxed around me (there maybe a rubber chicken involved).
I shoot on location which means we will pick 1 spot or an area to shoot in. I welcome shooting in your home as well as some people feel most comfortable in their own spaces.
Your session will be an hour long, which is plenty of time to get comfortable and start taking photos. A lot of times the photos at the end of the hour are the most relaxed so I will never rush you until I feel I have enough really great photos to work with.
Two Weeks after your session you will receive a CD/Flash drive of your best edited photos which range from 40-60 photos.

Hopefully from there we will only build on our relationship. You can call on me for all of life’s momentous moments; Engagements, weddings, pregnancy, Newborn photos, Family photos and also any memory you want to capture like a trip to the beach or a surprise birthday party.